Shankees Win!

The Shankees increased their winning streak to 9 with an 11-9 victory over the Dominican Cardenales in this second game of the three game olympic format series. The Shankees set the tone quickly in the first by scoring three runs off a Sammy Carter single up the middle with Fabian Placencia and Jeret Adair on second and third respectively. Fabian Placencia, who pitched another gem, crossed the 100 pitch count for the ninth consecutive time. The pitcher from the Florida Keys has been the Shankees workhorse all season and a key part of the team’s success. The Shankees rolled through the innings practically unscathed until the bottom of the 8th when things suddenly took a dramatic turn. With a comfortable 11-2 lead, Shankees manager, Jay Bartelli made a radical pitching change which led to a series of booming hits that saw 5 Cardenales runners cross the plate to put the game at 11-7. Enker Herrera entered half way through the eighth to put out the fire before the Cardenales could do any more damage. With run differential in effect in the event of a tie, every run allowed was crucial to the Shankees. The Cardenales tacked on another two in the bottom 9th but the Shankees held tough to close the game out 11-9. Highlight of the day was Jeret Adair going yard deep into the woods to bid farewell to his Shankees baseball experience. Reporting for the Shankee Press, Jack Green.