Shankees Baseball Expands to Youth Program

The Buenos Aires Shankees Baseball Organization marked another milestone in local baseball by adding to its baseball endeavors three-fully operational youth categories (U18-U15-U12) in the likes of the Aguilas and Angeles Beisbol Clubs. Through an agreement reached by Mike Figi of the Aguilas, Pablo Ludueña of the Angeles, and Shankee President Paul Perry, the Buenos Aires Shankees Baseball Organization commits to providing quality training and coaching to approximately forty kids (to date with number expected to rise) in the outskirts of Buenos Aires City. “This is a great chance for us to have a huge positive impact on local youth baseball, especially through our Imports Program that allows us to offer kids top-notch coaching and enhanced insight into the game,” states Perry. Mike Figi and Pablo Luduena for their part seemed thrilled to have the Shankees onboard with their youth program. ‘That’s what we were missing till now; quality training and dedication on behalf of those that know the game, and the Shankees will provide our kids the training and guidance they need,” states Ludueña of the Angeles.