Autumn in full swing, the Shankees too!

It’s a chilly Buenos Aires night, the first of many it seems as the leaves begin to fall from the trees. Autumn is in full swing it seems, and so are the Buenos Aires Shankees.
Those familiar with Shankee folklore may recall the game between the Shankees and Cubans in the final game of the 2009 season. Those unfamiliar simply need to know that was as close as the Shankees ever got to winning the division title; until now! Undefeated at 6-0, the Shankee hitters have simply overpowered opposing pitchers while simultaneously daunting defenses through their aggressive base running. The Shankees have amassed more runs and allowed fewer runs than any other division team and thus seem well on route to their first division title. Team president Paul Perry, together with manager Jay Bartelli and U.S talent recruiter, Scott Weaver, have done an outstanding job putting together this winning ball club, starting with Jeret Adair, the first US recruit to say, “Yes” to the experience of playing Shankees baseball in Buenos Aires. Adair has turned out to be a superb first baseman and an overwhelming hitter; batting over 600 with 10 rbi’s in just five games. Fabain Placencia was the second US player to journey over the rainbow. The native from the Florida Keys has been key to the Shankees success by way of his poise on the mound. Placencia has an unbeaten record with an ERA of 2.00 and has been awesome at the plate as well with a batting average of over 600. Sammy Carter followed. The Los Angeles native, who had a brief stint with the Dodgers, has perplexed opposing pitchers by way of his offensive power, driving pitches deep into the hollows of Buenos Aires baseball fields. Sean Stevens, the most recent addition to the team and who went 4-6 in his first appearance wearing the Shankees blue, looks to help set the final course for that elusive division title. Locally, it’s been the Venezuelan connection of Gabriel DiSabatino, Wilfredo Martinez, and Cesar Bracho teaming up nicely with Argentine siblings Mariano and Lucas Boccardo. Catchers Ivan Zapata and Inaki Picco look to get into the mix, together with pitchers Angelo Martinez, Rafmil Rodriguez, Pedro Noguera and Hector Silva. The Shankees host the struggling Jupiter team at home in Daom this Saturday, looking for their 7th straight victory and a new milestone in Shankees history. Reporting for the Shankee Press, Jack Green.