Shankees Gearing-Up for 2017 Season

The totally revamped Shankees are hard at work gearing-up for another season of Baseball in Buenos Aires. “These past four weeks have been truly phenomenal, as it’s gonna be a season unlike any other given the talent we got!” stated the fervent Shankees President, Paul Perry, after Saturday’s full practice at Jupiter Field in Ciudad Evita. Coach Jay Bartelli for his part, is building an army of disciplined ball players set to wreak havoc on the opposing teams that eagerly await. Some of these teams include, the always dangerous and heavy-hitting Cuban Almendares, the scrappy and aggressive Dominican Cardenales, the division rivals Criollos of Venezuela, as well as Nichia and La Plata from Japan, not to mention A1 division Club Comu and Club Jupiter. This will be by far the most competitive season ever in terms of Shankees baseball. “A whole new era of Shankees baseball is upon us, can’t wait for opening day!” states Perry. Check out the Roster and check out the new Shankees! Full Preseason Report coming soon. – The Shankee Press.

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